Melong ("A Clear Mirror")

"There is no creator or creation. Our mind is the creator"

Cinedrome in association with the Tibetan Women's Association Switzerland presents the first Tibetan film.

Melong tells the story of Ogen, a young exile Tibetan, who goes to Kathmandu, where some of his friends from school live, to look for a job. The film addresses the issue of the Tibetan community living in exile and specially focuses on the problems faced by the Tibetan youth in terms of keeping their culture and tradition alive as well as blending in with the culture and ways of the new countries which they have made their homes in. Many Tibetans, by the grace of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, have had opportunities for a good education, but for the majority of the graduates the options are still very limited. This film tries to portray the struggles faced by these students.

Melong is the first Tibetan feature film, i.e. completely financed with Tibetan money and produced by an entirely Tibetan cast and crew. After working with various directors from America, Germany, France and Japan on documentary films, director Tagudh Ten Seshi has completed with Melong his first feature film. He also plays the lead role and he managed to get some very prominent names from the Tibetan Film community into his team.

The profit we make with these film screenings will be donated to the Tibetan Women's Association to support indigent girls and women of Tibetan origin in India.


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